Clipstack, or Why is it so tedious to swap two text fields?

ctrl-x, ctrl-x, ctrl-`, ctrl-`

It’s almost 2016 but the Windows clipboard still sucks, so I prototyped a program that watches the clipboard for new data, and adds it to an internal stack.
A different hotkey (ctrl-`) pops data from the top of the stack, and pastes it.

IN OTHER WORDS: Swapping two fields isn’t unbearably tedious anymore! Your clipboard can have many items in it that you can paste sequentially with the hotkey! Seems to work with any kind of data!

Download (early release) binary here!

To change the hotkey create a file called “hotkey.txt” in the same directory, and put one key (list of .NET Forms Keys here) on each line.

For example, to get Ctrl-`, the file should be:


The code is on github.